Australian Designed and Manufactured.

Tecno Furniture is in many ways very much like the material our product is produced from, strong, sturdy, solid and reliable.

Established in 1976 Tecno Furniture began by producing ornamental forged iron architectural designs, evolving over the years and building its reputation through the design and manufacture of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture.

The company's ability to reflect contemporary culture, to sense and anticipate trends, to respond to changes in taste and living needs, has resulted in a collection of furnishings which account for a crucial chapter in the history of Australian design.

Tecno Furniture's trademark for excellence begins at the core of each designer piece, We start with either iron or stainless stock, skilled craftsmen hand weld and hand bend every frame and then carefully grind the area to make sure it is smooth.

Throughout the process each worker continuously inspects every detail making sure not a singe blemish sneaks of the production floor. Attention to detail, technical as well as aesthetic assure the finest product is delivered to our customer.

Solidly constructed the most beautiful furniture item is worthless if it is not made to last and stand up to everyday living, our skilled craftsmen ensure our furniture is of the highest quality.

Tecno forged iron embodies classic style furniture, the kind of furniture that will most certainly be passed down from one generation to the next.

Our dedicated design team in conjunction with our highly skilled tradesman empower us to make our ideas and your ideas a reality. During this exciting process we discover new technologies, usage possibilities and material sensitivities. The capability to produce "timeless" items has to be traced back to Tecno Furniture's industrial and technological gifts enabling it to skilfully match creative ideas with planning abilities. We work closely with Architects and designers to produce exclusive pieces for both commercial and residential use. Contact Tecno to discuss your individual requirements.

Our rapid reaction to market conditions of competitiveness, fast changing trends and technical and ergonomic constraints, explains why we are incredibly successful.

Our future will engage two philosophies, hi-tech and hi-touch. The utilization of leading edge technology to maximise our results, whilst simultaneously embracing our values of customer care, communication and integrity.


chairs, tables, sun lounges, benches, stools, accessories


tables, coffee tables, console tables, side tables, chairs, benches, stools, lounges, accessories, metal finishes


Tecno Furniture

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